The World Cup; Day 7

The first few seconds of Mexico versus France was greeted by the Crowd with “Ole!” and “Boooooooo!”. And you could hear the crowd above the Vuvuzela’s. Now I’ll either have to believe the Mexicans had travelled on masse or else the French reputation for honest football had preceded them.

I’m Irish, I’d have loved to go with the latter.

Because Mexico were handily supported by a large, cheerful SINGING crowd. Yes, we could hear the Singing above the noise of the Vuvuzela’s. The Mexicans pretty much dominated the majority of the action throughout. But up until we all became Mexicans when they wonderfully sprung the offside trap in the 64th Minute, it was looking like France might hold on and perhaps typically sneak an undeserved goal.

On initial glance the Penalty they got for the second was doubtful, but replays showed contact from Abidal and so kudo’s to the Saudi Arabian ref who generally was pretty good, even though he could lay off the yellow Cards a little.

For a team whose jumper makes them look like sado-masochistic bondage lovers, the French have not had to take enough punishment lately. I hear the Saudi Arabians know Continue reading